Medical conditions we treat at Total Body Pain Institute

We treat every type of pain, from head to toe, this includes the following:

• Headache
• Facial pain
• Chronic dental pain
• Neck pain
• Shoulder and upper extremity pain and plexopathies
• Chronic pancreatitis pain
• Chronic angina and chest wall pain
• Intercostal rib and nerve injuries
• Testicular pain, pelvic, and rectal pain
• Complications related to surgeries
• Pelvic pain, sacroiliac joint, hip pain
• Osteoarthritis of all major and minor joints
• Peripheral vascular disease related pain
• Complex regional pain syndromes
• Post traumatic pain
• Childbirth related pain
• Spine pain
• Disc disease
• Radiculopathy
• All underlying causes of chronic pain including rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia as well as persistent pain due to cancer, multiple sclerosis, pancreatitis, sickle cell disease, HIV, muscle tenderness and pain, lower extremity pain including thigh and knee pain, ankles, toes and feet

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